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2020 – A Vintage Year for You!

All the details at a glance

The exhibitor packages at WEINmesse berlin are designed to meet every need. All of the important services are included – along with free tickets for your customers. This makes it easier to precisely calculate your costs ahead of time.

At the wine fair, all you have to do is focus on your customers. Berlin's historic exhibition halls create a unique atmosphere that lets visitors and exhibitors feel right at home.

Messe Berlin GmbH is the new WEINmesse berlin organiser. This gives DWM – Deutsche Wein Marketing a strong partner who will make the wine fair even more successful in the future by integrating technical and organizational innovations. New features include electronic ticketing, a wine app and the Virtual Market Place ®. But the entire process remains unchanged for exhibitors. Your contacts at DWM will continue to serve you by responding to all your wishes and questions before, during, and after the event.

Application form

Here you will find the registration form on which you can note your desired stand area, size, and design.

The service package will no longer be listed separately. This is explained in detail in the conditions of participation.

The conditions of participation and general business terms supplement the registration and form the basis of the agreement.

Please note the following when completing the agreement.

There are three different types of exhibition stands available:

  • Peninsula stand: open on three sides
  • Corner stand: open on two sides
  • Row stand: open on one side

Please note that, for peninsula stands, the entire front area must be booked. Otherwise, the peninsula stand will be substituted by a corner stand.

  • Individual blocks are numbered for stands on the floor plan. Please let us know which blocks you prefer
  • The minimum exhibition stand width is two metres
  • You can plan your stand according to your size preferences


Prices include all incidental expenses.

There is an additional charge of €90.00 for a mandatory entry in the guide book – one page per exhibitor. Please note that for joint stands, a page is required for each exhibitor.

WEINmesse berlin 2020, registration for a wine stand (PDF, 948.7 kB)

WEINmesse berlin 2020, registration for gourmet food stand (PDF, 1.0 MB)

WEINmesse berlin 2020, registration for wine tourism stand (PDF, 856.0 kB)

Preview: Eckstand 6qm mit einer Theke und einem Counter
Preview: Eckstand 6qm mit zwei Theken
Preview: Eckstand 6qm mit zwei Tischen

Booth Map

Here you will find our plan of the exhibition halls. Please make you choice and inform us.

Virtual Market Place®

The Virtual Market Place® is an innovative online information and communication platform which is available to WEINmesse berlin exhibitors all year round. You can present information about your company and products online, 365 days a year. All products and company profiles can be continuously updated – the Virtual Market Place® editorial team is happy to offer support.

Your online entry is already included in your stand registration. For details about the specific services offered, please have a look at the Promotional Package (PDF, 223.2 kB).

Visitors use the Virtual Market Place® to prepare for and follow-up on their trade show visit.

Link to Virtual Market Place®

The diversity and timeliness of the information it contains, as well as its clear, comprehensive search functions, will establish the Virtual Market Place® as the main tool WEINmesse berlin visitors use to prepare for and follow-up on their visit. Visitors research exhibitors and products in the Virtual Market Place® in order to be able to optimize their trade show visit.

Your benefit: We offer your target groups an easy-to-use, reliable search portal and ensure your company a broad audience - before, during and after the trade show.


You will continue to receive free vouchers for your customers. Messe Berlin electronic ticketing offers many new options both before and after the event.

  • Number of free vouchers
    You can request as many ticket vouchers as you wish. These vouchers are issued as barcodes to ensure each one can be properly allocated. In the future, instead of sending free tickets in an envelope by post, your customers will receive a barcode via e-mail.
  • Payment for free tickets
    For each 2m² of exhibition stand space, you will be authorised 35 free vouchers for your customers. For example, if you have 6m² of stand space, you will not be charged for tickets redeemed by 105 of your customers.

A fee of €5.00 will be charged for all additional tickets redeemed by your customers.

After the wine fair, you will receive a detailed list of redeemed ticket numbers. This lets you see exactly how many and which of your customers visited the fair. It also enables you to launch a targeted post-fair follow-up with your customers.

Free Vouchers

Benefits of E-Ticketing:

  • Zero delivery costs
  • Quick mailing campaigns save time
  • Enables professional follow-up after the trade fair
  • Accurate evaluation of tickets used


All key services are included. This ensures transparency and enables exhibitors to accurately calculate costs before the wine fair begins.

Along with flawless organisation over the years, this transparency has helped create a trade fair that allows exhibitors to focus on their most important tasks: selling products and generating new customers. All this takes place in a relaxed atmosphere in which visitors feel comfortable.

Services include the following:

Wine glass service

  • Visitors
    Each visitor receives a high-quality wine glass at the door for a fee of €5.00. They can use the glass for the duration of their visit and exchange it at one of the stations located throughout the exhibition area at any time. Of course, they can get their money back when the glass is returned.
  • Exhibitors
    Each exhibitor receives 12 glasses for use at the exhibition stand. The glasses are handed out at the beginning of the wine fair and the exhibitor is issued a delivery receipt. These glasses are regularly exchanged during the fair by our staff. A fee of €3.00 is charged for each glass not returned by the exhibitor at the end of the fair.

Bread service

Our staff supplies you with bread for your customers at the beginning of each day. If the supply at your stand runs out during the fair, more bread will be provided by our service staff.

Water service

At the beginning of the trade fair day you will receive still and medium mineral water from our partner. Additional bottles of water can be requested during the day as required.

Cleaning service

Each day, all corridors and other exhibition areas will be cleaned in the evening hours. However, our employees will not enter your stand space. Therefore, at the end of the day, all empty bottles, boxes, waste etc., should be placed in front of your stand for collection. This will help you get a fresh start in the morning.

Along with these services, all incidental expenses are included in the exhibition stand rental fee:

  • Waste disposal
  • Electricity costs
  • Cleaning
  • Stand authorisation
  • Copy service

As you can see, we keep our promise when it comes to providing everything you need for a successful trade fair appearance. Many wine fairs launched in Germany subsequent to WEINmesse berlin have adopted our concept. These are copies of our successful exhibition approach. And we are delighted to see this, because only the best is worth copying.

Compulsory services, such as the guide book, Virtual Market Place, wine app and AUMA fee, are also included on the stand rental invoice.


Along with the obligatory guide book, the scope of marketing services has been greatly expanded. We have created a service for exhibitors that enables you to be virtually present throughout the year and lets your customers access your company website at any time.

Wine app

In the run-up to wine fair, you can send us 12 wines that you want to present at WEINmesse berlin. We will shoot digital pictures of these wines and include them with the relevant information in our new wine app. All requests from potential customers are forwarded directly to your website.

We will return the wines to you before the beginning of the fair. The digital images will be released to you for your own use after the event. You can also order additional digital images, including 360° panoramas.

Guide book

The guide book will continue to be printed in the same form as before. Approximately 20,000 copies will be distributed free of charge at the entrance to the wine fair. As in the past, you will have a full page with your entries.


Under the auspices of Messe Berlin GmbH, WEINmesse berlin is now an event listed under AUMA e.V., the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry. This is a prerequisite for many funding opportunities. The contribution of €0.60 per sqm is included in the exhibition stand rental fee.

Travel Service

Arrival / Departure