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April 26, 2018

Discover some special wines at WEINmesse berlin

Mature wines, orange wines, Eiswein – what vintners can do with grapes has resulted in many different variations. Wines can be exclusive because they have been made only from the highest quality grapes and can therefore be stored for a long time. They can be in line with the latest trend because it is fashionable to allow wines to ferment spontaneously. They can be highly aromatic if the grapes are harvested in the winter, thereby bringing out even more concentrated flavour notes. Many of these special types of wine can be tasted and purchased from 4 to 6 May at WEINmesse berlin at the Funkturm exhibition grounds.

Gran Reserva, Grosses Gewächs, Grand Cru – these are the names of the finest wines that are only produced in the very best years. Spanish Gran Reserva are mainly reds that are stored for five years before being offered for sale. They are gentle on the palate, releasing such aromas as tobacco, leather and dried fruits. In many cases these wines only attain their full flavour after some decades. Großes or erstes Gewächs is a term used in Germany and refers to wines made with grapes that only produce low yields and are always harvested by hand. In many cases the grapes in question are Spätburgunder, which have flavours of concentrated wild berries, black tea and sweet cherries. Or there are the Rieslings, with their aromas of mirabelles, peach, lemon and salt. Their equivalents are the French Grand Cru. The region around Saint Emilion in Bordeaux is the home of Cuvée made from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which, over the decades, can develop aromas of mocca and caramel, as well as nutmeg and cardamom.

Orange wines have been causing a stir in the world of wine for the past few years. These are mainly whites that remain in contact with the grape skins and seeds during fermentation for months in some cases, like red wines, rather than just for a few days, as is the case with normally produced white wines. They could be described as whites with the soul of a red wine. No preservatives are added to these wines, which are cloudy, slightly orange in colour, and with a strong flavour of dried fruits, sherry and salt. The critics’ opinions about these natural-like wines range from absolute rejection to praise of the highest order.

Eisweins are a hotly discussed subject, because here the producers are gambling with nature: the grapes have to be harvested when frozen, at temperatures of at least minus seven degrees, and are immediately pressed at the winery, because at this temperature the sugar and fruit acids are not frozen but the water is. The end product is a highly concentrated and very sweet wine, counterbalanced by a strong and highly aromatic acidity. However, there is a risk of losing the entire crop in January or February if the temperatures are not low enough. These highly sought after wines, most of them Rieslings, are only produced in a few favourable years in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Canada. These rarities are regarded as being among the most desirable sweet wines in the world. A tour around the stands at WEINmesse berlin is all that is needed in order to form one’s own opinion about all these wines, and complete one’s education.

Visitor information


Messe Berlin, Berlin Exhibition Grounds, north entrance


4 - 6 May 2018

Fri., Sat.: 2 – 9 p.m.

Sun.: 1 – 8 p.m.


€ 17 per person

Free for trade visitors

(registration required)

The minimum age is 18

(16 if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)