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21th WEINmesse berlin 2014
Wine, country side and delight

21. – 23. February 2014 

Tempelhof Airport

Hangar 6 and 7


After that the WEINmesse berlin, which takes place at the airport Tempelhof, was again breaking all records and over 30.000 visitors caused again the temporary closure oft the entrance. The WEINmesse berlin takes place once again at the airport Tempelhof, in hangar 6 and 7. In time for the anniversary exhibition, by request of many visitors, also the range of exhibitors will be extended. In addition to the great international presentation of wine, in future the sector land and pleasure will take a bigger part in this event - WEINmesse berlin. As the name WEINmesse berlin says, the sector wine will furthermore occupy the greatest part of the fair. In the rage of country side – only exhibitors are presented, if their offer combining wine with country side – and delight- everything that additionally leads to enjoy wine. The additional exhibitors will help to establish a great experience all around wine on this weekend.
Berlin Info
Time:  17:47
Thu, 23.10.  12°C 
Fri, 24.10.  11°C 
Sat, 25.10.  13°C 
Airport Tegel Departure
4U 8464
London LHR
4U 8404
Paris CDG
AB 6203
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